Test Live Webcast Page

JCNC - Live Webcast

                  Note: If the webcast stops and Play arrow appears, please do not press the Play arrow but refresh(Press F5 key) the page 

and then click on the Play Arrow to avoid repeat playing from the last segment (If using iPad, please download and use Chrome Browser)

1. JCNC - Webcast Test

JCNC Live Webcast Test

Click this Link for Mobile Devices - For JCNC Shibir

2. JPP Jain Samani - Live webcast 

Live Webcast from JPP Jain Samani (In Testing Mode )

JainaChannel - JPP Jain Samani

3. JAINA YouTube Channel (JainaChannel) - Test Live webcast

Test Live Webcast from JAINA 


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